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Brand Optimization

Should you undergo a brand optimization before you put your company out for an IPO or court a merger/investor?  Ask yourself this question: Looking from the outside in – would you invest in your company?  Sure, you know all the great things your company has to offer a potential investor.  But can the potential investor see it without having to strain their eyes?  A great exercise is to step back and take a fresh look. At every public facet of your organization.  If what you see is not compelling, maybe its time to retool before sending out the prospectus. For a complete checklist of potential problem areas, take our quiz on the home page and see how you stand up to the test.

Missed Opportunities

People are always amazed at how passionate I am about image optimization.   The opportunity to help an organization reach its potential in terms of capital and more importantly, human terms, is the stuff that gets me up in the morning.  Sometimes it's only a matter of public perception that holds a company back from realizing its true greatness.  As a teen, I met an inventor who had a fabulous product for ocean adventure sports.  The product was superior in every way to anything else on the market. We lost touch over time. Twenty years went by, with the product retaining a very small yet loyal following.  He passed away recently.  His memorial service was attended by many devoted owners of his invention.   Sadly, the rest of the world never got a chance to experience the joy of owning his product. The problem was, he didn't know how to get the message out to his potential customers.  His product's public image lacked the sophistication needed to appeal to a wider audience.  Sometimes I wonder, what if?    

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